Our Company

What we do

  • Manufacture/sales of intermediary food products(high quality soy beans paste)

  • Planning, developing, manufacturing sales for food products with soy.

  • Consulting for running a food production factory.

  • Planning to manufacture and sale high quality soy beans paste to Asian countries.

Soy & World is a food planning, developing company established in July 2010. We are taking traditional soy production techniques to a higher level using the latest technology and inspiring techniques developed in recent years, hoping to help with health and happiness for people. We had enough working hands in hand but due to the increase Our business has traditional techniques of soy products and is always looking for innovative ideas. 

We are currently expending but we, Soy & World hope to meet our goals and also for us to eat, sleep and be energized.


We concluded research collaboration agreement with Universiti Utara Malaysia and actual research activities are starting to observe our product MotherSoya’s medical effect especially for diabetes and others.

We are very much proud of announcing that our company is a partner of Universiti Utara Malaysia.

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